About us



Welcome to Freedom Punch – We are not just an apparel store; we are a tribute to resilience, patriotism, and the indomitable spirit that defines the American way. At Freedom Punch, we proudly stand as a veteran-owned and operated establishment, committed to delivering exceptional quality and unique designs that embody the essence of freedom.

Our journey began with the vision of our founder, Emilio Pena, an infantry Marine and accomplished artist. Emilio's artistic journey took flight in 2015 when he started selling his artwork. Drawing inspiration from his military background and a deep sense of patriotism, Emilio's creative expressions resonated with people across the nation. What started as a humble venture in the world of art soon evolved into the thriving apparel store we proudly call Freedom Punch. Emilio's dedication to his craft, coupled with his military background, laid the foundation for a brand that is as bold and resilient as the men and women it honors.

The name "Freedom Punch" itself carries a powerful story. It originates from Emilio's first successful drawing – a poignant portrayal of a soldier with the American flag wrapped around his fist. This iconic image symbolizes the strength and patriotism that define our nation's heroes. It became a beacon for the brand, representing the fusion of artistry and military pride that sets Freedom Punch apart.

Join us on this journey of style, strength, and solidarity. At Freedom Punch, we don't just wear apparel – we wear a statement.